Meditating with Planets

Day 6: 10 days of Meditation Experience

As we have been weaving our way throughout these ten days, we have been looking at different ways to bring energy management into our lives. Today, I want to bring forward one of my favourite ways which is:

Meditating and harmonizing by planetary alignment.

What do I mean by that?

Stated simply, keeping an eye on astrology and planetary alignments and working that cosmic flow to our advantage. Alignment dates like a planetary conjunction or a retrograde present opportunities to engage with the dominant themes and archetypes of experience that make up what it is to be human. Working with a planet as it comes into play is a fun and easy way to a) start to get to know yourself and b) to start raising the vibration of your path through the Universe. This is part of why I place a high priority on astrology and letting people know where we are in the cosmic flow.

If you are working along with us in the meditation experience and using the Venus video, you are having a direct experience of what it is like to harmonize to and meditate with a planet. I selected Venus to be part of this project because it is a Universal love and soul sparker AND we are going through specific Venus power dates. As you meditate with a planet (like you are with Venus), you are harnessing that power and potential into your pathway. This is specifically what that meditation was designed to do.

cool, huh?

Guess what? You can do this with all of the planets. Not only does it help you chart your path and get into the cosmic flow more positively, you also get to know more and more about yourself and your place in the Universe with each cycle. *You hear me elaborate on these themes in my astrology reports.*

Today (the day of this post) we have a conjunction of Venus and Mercury. My suggestion for it is:

Work with the practice and as you are going into it, call in Mercury and ask that planet to lend their positive power. They will!

Here is the practice:

There are a lot of different ways to come into harmony with the Universe. Planet meditations are one of my favourites. Subscribe to my blog (if you have not already). There will be more. Instagram stories is a place you will often find updates!

10 day meditation experience materials

The concept for the experience and ways you may like to evaluate if meditation is ‘working’ for you or not:

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Enjoy that Venus Mercury vibe, friends!



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