Music and Energy Management

Material prompt for day 4 of our 10-day energy management personal experience!

Music is one of the most powerful vibration setting tools we have available to work with.

Ever have your state of emotion completely shifted by a song? Maybe it brought out big tears or through listening to it you went from being down to cheery. If yes, you have experienced the vibration setting power of music.

Today my suggestion is simple. Do your harmonic setting exercise and then crank up some music. Amplify what you created in your practice with what you put in your ears for the day.

Nerd note: I post a lot of music in my instagram stories.

Nerd note 2: I love music so much that I dedicate an entire phase of creation to it in my music specials on Spotify: “Crow Medicine Music Soul Journeys” playlist or “Crow Medicine: Spirituality for the 21st Century”. For this topic, I highly recommend you check out “Crow Medicine: Why Catching a Vibe Works and the Healing Power of Doing it with Music”. (My next vibration experience will feature music. Stay tuned and subscribe.)

Anyone out there music meditators? Who are your favorite artists?

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The Harmonization Practice I created for us to work with. Connecting to the heartbeat of the Universe with Venus.

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