Halfway There! Congratulations (We Begin Again, Soon)

Congratulations! We have hit the halfway mark on our 10 day personal energy experience.

If you have been playing along, big congratulations to yourself. Five days is a lot of days to bring something specific into your life. Especially during a holiday season. Even though this is a time we require our practice the most, this is also when eyes gloss over when people mention it. Kudos to you for getting a BIG head start on the New Year rush.

If you have not quite gotten through the full 5 days as you had intended. Guess what? Still proud of you. Even one day is more powerful than none. The point here is that you are working on making a difference within yourself. You are trying something new. That is pretty cool.

Have you been seeing these posts and now gotten to the point where you would like to play along? GREAT NEWS. You are never too late.

Are you all aware that I teach about how to do your harmonics at my school, IndiCrow Academy? Courses (learnworlds.com)

As we are getting our way into the next five days, guess what? We have a Venus alignment coming up. That is we have Venus conjunct Mercury on the 28. (Check out my December astrology report for more on that.)

For those seeing this post and wondering what the congratulations is about, we have been doing a little self-care experience. The premise is to work with a heartbeat of the Universe meditation for 5 minutes a day, 10 days in a row to see what or if the benefit is on our state of being. (I explain it all in this post 10 Day Vibration Setting Experiment: Will 5 Minutes Make a Difference? – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com).

Be sure to like my socials and subscribe here to this blog!! I will be doing another one of these very soon. If you are keen right now, you are welcomed to go back to day 1, right up there in the paragraph on top of this one and give it a go.

The power of positive change is something I am passionate about sharing with you. Stay tuned for more!



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