Harmonize Before You Socialize

This is a material for day 3 of the 10 day energy management experiment.* The concept. Work with a 5 minute harmonics practice for 10 days in a row. See if (or how) it works for you.*

Taking a few minutes for energy body care before social situations helps us to chart our path through them, stay high vibe as we are having them, and to remain within our own energy as it all happens. From this space it is less easy to pick up others feeling or state of being. We stay strong and certain of our own sense of being. We are able to shrug things off that we are best to.

As part of your fit it in strategy, try harmonizing with my heartbeat of the Universe Meditation before heading out to socialize. This is one of the best windows to do a practice like this.

Why is it so great, now?

Taking moments to get ourselves aligned, focused, and tuned in to a specific harmonic or state of being is like programming your radio station. It helps keep us on track. This practice I created us to work with has an auric clearing component. A strong auric field (like with the bubble image) means we are able to stay in our own personal range of feelings and not take in those of others. This helps keep us calm and lessons the hyperstimulation and exhaustion that goes along with socializing for the energy sensitive crew.

*As a person who is highly empathic and with all the clairs,  I used to find social situations unbearable. I figured out that it was a wounded auric field that was making me feel ‘crazy’ around others. Once I healed it, I figured out a lot of that was just picking up other people and my senses were overwhelmed. Steps like this help energy sensitives people comfortably.*

How are we doing out there? Anyone out there a feel other people person?

(Join the personal experience experiment now. It is never too late. Scroll down for materials already printed in their order.)

The 5 minute practice

Day 1 and 2 materials along with prompts

Day 3: Fitting in your 5 minutes

Stay tuned for day 4 ( I did not want to inbox people on a holiday so I only posted day 3 on instagram ‘on time’. Day 4 is already there and will be on this blog later today).

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