Fitting Meditation In

*Day 2 of our 10 day energy management experiment*** Do 5 minutes a day with a harmonization meditation for 10 days to see how small steps in energy management benefits your life.**

One of the biggest barriers that people encounter when starting up a self care practice is that it is very difficult to perceive where they will get more time to do it.

What winds up happening pretty quickly is that people realize how much more efficient, grounded, and balanced they become when they start managing their energy. They are able to stay more consistently focused and to bounce back than when they are not doing this component. Those 5 or 10 minutes earn and find themselves.

This picture post shows some ideas on when you might like to fit in these little self care moments.

The way I advise people to get this into their lives is by making it a part of it. These quick practices that have breathing and harmonics components make it easy to do that. I design them with layers that engage different parts of your energy body simultaneously. They are quick and they work. This is why I am recommending we use the Venus practice for the experiment experience!

Fitting It In

My personal favorite time for harmonics od any kind is very early in the am before anyone else is awake. I love being with the moon and stars in my quiet little vibe space.

Where do you fit in your moments? How are we doing on day 2 (or 3) out there?!?!

*f you are just now coming to these posts, we are doing an energy experiment. Click here for the concept and to get in:

The Practice

Back with more materials to keep us inspired over the next 8 days!!!! We are I this together. Come chat on instagram @crowmedicinekatie.

Feel like studying with me?

Nerd note: We are working with a meditation I made featuring the Harmonics method of energy management I designed and teach at my school. I have a program ready to receive you where you learn how to work with Harmonics.

Click here if you would love to come learn more about this specific form of meditation and energy management:   (for adult/mature learners:

For youth: (they get special guidance from me in an informal environment from late December through March. Enroll to avail).

A downloadable for purchase version of the meditation here. Buying this gets you two versions of it and says thanks to me for doing this:



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