What We Carry in Our Households: Bringing Emotional and Spiritual Labour into Focus

Are you a person who takes care of the emotional and energetic needs of your family, friend group, co-workers, or teammates?

First off. Shout out to you.

This one is most especially for the caring for other people crew.

Continuing with our theme of diving deep into exploring our relations, I bring forward a highlight on this important topic: the unseen, often unaccounted for realms that we take care of.

These are the emotional and spiritual layers of caretaking that we are involved in. This layer includes things like: dealing with the extra stresses of shifting and stretched situations, managing the hearth and the energy that comes into and out of a household with its members and their daily activities, keeping auric fields and the family field in-tact, and of course cleaning which is not only a physical but also a spiritual activity (more on that in its own podcast coming up).

In this clip, I talk about bringing these emotional and spiritual contributions we make into focus. I encourage you give this a listen. This 9-minutes will explain and validate your experience and hopefully help you realize just how much of a rock star you are.

As I discuss in the snippet, it is important that we bring these layers of our contributions into focus. The seen (finances, house, act of paid labour), the second shift (unseen layer one including homework, cooking, physical caretaking), and the third layer (emotional support, energy maintenance) are KEY parts of how we are keeping it moving. When we only acknowledge one or some of the layers, we wind up in huge imbalances. *Feeling like an uncared for caretaker who has given it all and for what? This is how it feels when we are out of balance for too long.*

When it is Good

For a lot of us, the ‘unseen’ layers of contribution are rewarding, joyous, and fun. The point of our current reconfiguration with Venus and Pluto (and our ‘situation’ globally) has seen some very heavy pressure get laid on us. Let us give ourselves, one another, and the caretakers in our lives some props and start bringing that back into focus. We, as the caretakers of the world have to stay grounded and clear. My hope is that this podcast and the materials I have been releasing around this topic are helpful to you in a) recognizing what you give, b) seeing if you are a person who is ‘taking’ a lot without really contributing and asking yourself if that is really what you want to do, and c) becoming aware of how ‘energy’ works in ALL of the spaces in our society. Most especially the household.

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Additional Materials:

This is a snippet from a spotify music podcast I made. Click here for the full instalment: Exploring Unseen Layers with Venus – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

Here is an article with some self-discovery questions of Venus to help you analyze what you are investing in relations (and getting out): Venus Deep Dive: What We Invest in Relations – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com).

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