Exploring Unseen Layers with Venus

Venus. Universal soul sparker. Planet of love. Though often pigeon-holed in a disarming sense, Venus is also about efficiency, finances, the household, speaking up for our emotional needs, and pragmatism. Venus is about getting things done and doing it well. In order to do that in their own lives, many are realizing there will need to be a little bit of change happening. In large part this means giving ourselves (and others) credit for all of the layers of tasks we are handling and contributions we are making. Seen, and, in the case of what I focus on in this podcast, the unseen.

Fans of the blog, we started this conversation in a deep dive post published two days ago called “Going Deep with Venus”. This article got read like wildfire. This podcast elaborates on what we began there. *See below signature for a link to that other article.*

Venus coming into focus for the year 2022 represents a major period of reconfiguration within our social relations. Part of this means recognizing the importance (and weight) of the emotional, energetic, and household based tasks that we participate in.

Join me for this fresh podcast: ‘Exploring the Unseen Layers with Venus‘, a conversation + music journey that covers these dimensions in a thoughtful sense that bridges academic and esoteric thought. (Episode link posted below summary.)

*only have 9 minutes? I made the most important point into a segment of its own. Click here for it: https://crow-medicine.com/2021/12/16/household/*


It is interspersed with some pretty good ‘mom rock’.

Segments by theme (with music that I play to stimulate our thought and soul sparking with them):

– Welcome to the program

Venus performed by Bananarama (song)

– Defining Venus: Inviting those who choose to join me in getting grounded and connected to the energy of Venus to maximize sparking during the broadcast.

‘Hold On’ performed by Wilson Phillips

–  There is a whole invisible layer of ‘work’ that people do at home including emotional and energetic care that people forget to give themselves credit for.  These are the unseen dimensions of social reproduction within our households. This segment brings that layer into focuses and says HEY! You are contributing a lot and this layer may well be that secret reason you are so tired. Venus helps us to see it. Once we recognize it, we can then give ourselves kudos, proper self-care, and begin moving toward fixing imbalances.

My House performed by Diana Ross

– Recognizing ourselves as a valuable resource (without commodification). This means that we really become aware of all of the places that we are giving in our lives. This includes the invisible layers to which we are contributing. Hearth-holding and taking care of a family, workplace, social group, sports team, community has an ‘energetic’ component. Sometimes we give to it, other times we receive.

Kids performed by MGMT

– Considering the planet we live on as an energetic being and what big momma earth has been carrying for us. It is time for those who are ready to step forward and take responsibility for their energetic load and contribution in new and different ways. Though there may be the inner urge to resist this layer, trust that it is rewarding.

All I Really Want performed by Alanis Morisette

-Wrap up and invitation to come check out my school, writing and other podcasts.

This is one of those ones you may really want to listen to. Especially if you feel pleased and very busy. This is a conversation you may well find true peace in.

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Permissions and access note that applies only to the music podcasts: This podcast was created through a partnership with anchor and spotify. The music is made available through the latter. As such, listeners will require a spotify account to hear it. The ‘free’ ones work. Users on those get 30 second snips of the songs. I recommend pressing pause and doing the full selection to REALLY get the experience. I carefully select these songs as part of the adventure.

This one is so powerful I will probably also release a voice only version with the songs out. Stay tuned for it. But really, if possible, do it with Music.



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