Parents, Caretakers, Guardians: Click Here to Read About a Unique Youth Learning Opportunity

This is a very special post to be getting to write. This is an announcement that I am welcoming a group of young learners into a gently structured *but not pressurized* learning experience.

I am running a non pressurized youth learning experience in my safe space online school. *Casual is the name of the game.* I am gently guiding a group of learners through the program and setting up a vibe space for meditation in their home from nowish to March. (Learners can access the program and have it on their own. This little ‘extra’ from me is like having me available as a resource, answering their questions, and providing guidance. This is a unique opportunity that includes kids coming for: home school, sports performance, and personal interest. Would you like to get a person in your family in on that? Click here:

What is it?

“Breathe, Ground, Connect” is a learning experience that I have put together that is all about the basics of meditation and energy management. This is a fun little study at your own pace learning experience that teaches the 101 basics as I see them. We learn to a) focus through breath, b) ground our energy with the crystalline core of the earth, and c) how to harmonize with the Universe. Why? As a way to stay grounded, focused, and to keep our energy bodies tuned and clear.

It sounds like a lot. Good news: the way I put it together is in a 3 layered tool that is fun and easy to use. I have taught it successfully to many children through my youtube youth programming as well as through private work. For the first time EVER, I have it online and even better: IT IS ITS OWN LEARNING EXPERIENCE THAT IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL YOUTH FOCUSED LEARNING ACCESS.

This announcement is to put the word out that a special youth-oriented wing of the ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’ learning experience. I am formally putting the word out and starting to welcome more people in!

* There are no ‘deadlines’ or ‘assignments’. There are definitely not ‘tests’. Though this is educational, it is not pressurized. Rather, the focus here is on learning a tool that helps us stay calm, focus, and high vibe. Better than that? We learn fun ways to bring it into our lives.

Who is this appropriate for?

This is a widely accessible program. It is currently naturally drawing a group of teens and tweens. The material of the program itself is accessible for self-study for people around age 10. *With parent, this is great for more ages, see below for more on that.*

For the next few months, the activities and extra content that I will be putting out to the youth participants will be geared toward that age-group. Our friends under ten or so may like to have a more mature learner engaged with them as part of home-school. *This material works for our younger friends well. More on that in the next heading.*

Some people are coming to this as part of a home-school learning program. Others as something that they are doing to support their sports performance. Others because they are aware they are energy-aware and they want to learn how to manage that. Some are coming to study on their own and others with a family member like a parent or sibling.

Family Learning Encouraged

This program is something that several families have already opted to study together. Parents/guardians get the ‘regular’ version, youth get access to it plus the extra activities. This is a great way to bring energy management into the household. It is often the ‘missing’ factor. Being able to support one another through getting grounded, meditating, and recognizing how much taking care of our energy helps our relationships is a BIG BONUS.

As noted above, the content is appropriate for all ages. However, there are some reading bits and some ‘put it into practice’ bits that our younger friends may do best having a parent learner supporting them. *Saying that, I will eventually make materials specifically for our non-reading (yet) crew. That will come in the future and not right now.*

I know some of you are thinking of joining this program yourselves. To support family learning, there is no additional charge for a young person to register with you. You are able to work with them on their version.

What is the structure?

The program itself is delivered as a self-study learning experience. It is on my newly hosted school website (IndiCrow Academy). Click here for a full description of the learning experience and to see how it is structured:

With parental permission, the learner will be granted their own profile to access the course with. They will also get invited to a ‘secret’ youth only learning group where I will be posting content and be available to them for questions. This space will include informal suggestions on how to ground what they are learning like creating a power playlist.

The additional youth activities will be delivered thematically over the next few months. The ‘extra’ content highlights what they will be learning in the program in a fun way that helps them put it to use for their benefit. The first fun youth-oriented material is about setting up a vibe space.

An example material for the ‘youth’ program special activity.

When does it start?

‘”Breathe, Ground, Connect” is ‘live’ right now. Meaning you can sign up and check it out right now. The special youth group and focus opens for access on Saturday, December 11. (Youth learners are able to get signed up now. Instructions on how to access the special material will be there for you.)

There are no ‘deadlines’ or ‘tests’ so really, they can get to it whenever. Right now is a good time to get started because we will focus together on building a vibe space over the holiday and building a power playlist after that. Nobody is missing anything signing up in March, for example, however they may like to play along now as I am delivering the extra stuff.

What does it cost and what do they get?

Access to this activity is granted to participants by registering for ‘Breathe, Ground, Connect’. Registration is $111 usd. With that you get access to the program through my online school for a year. (You may download the learning package to keep for future learning.) In addition to the program itself, registrants get access to the aforementioned learning community and the activities I offer there. Over the holiday, we are going to play with the concept of setting up a vibe space. (This image is an example of that material.)

If you register with a young learner, you will also get your own access and account. You get the great program, all its benefits, and the added bonus of learning something with them that is going to help you relate to yourselves and one another as you do it.

More on the Program

Here is an example of what one of the main meditation materials in the program looks like. This goes along with a unit on that component. Please keep it mind it is a SAMPLE. Not the full. You are able to check it out:

Here is a detailed description of my school and the philosophy underpinning what I teach as well as a little ‘about me’:

Click here to register now:

Security Note

*Please know up front, that I am being ‘vague’ about certain details to protect the young people who work with me. If you are a guardian who would like to get your young person involved and would like more details, I will happily provide them upon speaking. I do this because Internet security for under 18s is an issue close to my heart. The less details we provide about how and where to find them, the better. I also love the little bit of exclusivity it gives the program.


Contact me if you would like to request one.

Thank you!

Youth programming is something I have been engaged with since I started my first volunteer activity as one myself. I have really missed traveling to your houses and hanging out with your kids both on and offline which is what so much of pre Covid life was. It is exciting to me to be able to announce this opportunity. I hope to welcome a GREAT group of learners.

Please also note I have a formal education and many logged classroom hours teaching in an academic environment. I share a little more about that in the ‘about me’ linked above.



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