Ever Notice the Same People Seem to Pop Up in Vulnerable Moments? There is a message in this.

In the December monthly astrology report I mentioned that we would be having some unusual planetary alignments that were going to ask us to go deep. In that depth, that we would be given (even more) chance to see our lives in clarity. Though this little observation piece is written to the tone of ‘this month’, what we learn in it extends much beyond it. Interactions always have the potential to teach us something. In the case of this post, who shows up in the vulnerable moments can represent path charting moments for us.

Venus, Pluto and Mercury

As Venus and Pluto walk closer together for their conjunction pair, then their conjunctions with Mercury, we bring the light of love into our interactions. This post is a simple little example of how we are able to observe the energy dynamics present in our lives (and thus manage them). Having read this post, you may feel inspired to start thinking about this dynamic in your relationships. (Which is why I am writing it. Hope it helps!)

When Life Gets Vulnerable

As part of the big picture journey, we are going through some tough moments. This is not the first time nor is it the last. One thing that happens during these big days and weeks of change is….life. We can in fact, pretty much count on that. Sometimes life brings with it raw moments.

Ever notice those people who seem to show up only around your most vulnerable moments?

We get phone calls and text messages. We bump into people. Sometimes we deal with repeat engagements with the same people. The picture that inspired the post says, when we deal with the same people coming up in these raw moments again and again, it can teach us something. Especially so if these people are not a ‘regular’ part of our lives.

Why Does this Happen?

When we have patterns to our interactions it teaches us about the nature of the link (or the link that a person is trying to make). From an energetic perspective, interactions like this may be happening because of the potential of a positive experience. There are people who thrive in love and share it. They intuitively hear when you are sad and will text or call. The path of your souls can also help, as does the Universe. Perhaps you will run into one another at the mall in a seemingly ‘accidental’ or ‘coincidental’ bump in. If it is the same people over and over again, is it really an accident? There are others who tend to dwell in the realms of unhealed emotions in a magnification sense. Some look for weakness and potentials of it. They show up with alcohol or that substance or encourage you to act poorly with their presence. They, like people who are full of love, can be summoned by the energy of the experience. As the saying goes, misery loves company. In our lives all of these characters (and many more) show up.

Part of the path as I teach about it is to become aware of the unseen ‘energetic’ component of our day to day lives and how it relates to our experiences. By observing the lessons in the moment, we see our big picture. This allows us to amplify what is working and weed out what is not. Pro tip: Setting our harmonic and keeping our vibration high helps attract more of the positive experiences into our lives.

What we experience, in part, is influenced by who and how we trust.

So how do we get a start with evaluating these pop ups in our lives?

In my school of energy, our emotions and state of being, and how our bodies feel are ways to read ourselves. In general, evaluating how we feel and what it is like before, during, and after we interact with someone is a pretty good benchmark to whether they positively or negatively contribute to our life (and in which moments or not). Building on what I spoke about in the previous heading, a person who encourages us to be real with our feelings or go out walking probably has a much better overall influence than the friend who calls and encourages destructive behaviours that seem good in the moment like having a drink or telling someone off. The way we experience that moment and the ones that come after tell us SO much.*Sometimes interactions with specific people in a healing tone do not feel nice so please do not vilify the healers in your life.* We may also apply this to ourselves. When do we pop up to people? Are we ‘that person’ to anyone?

Overall, observation is one of the most powerful tools we have at our discretion. Recognizing our patterns is a key pathway to figuring out what makes us tick. If we are giving our power away, this is how we get it back. This is why it is key to my method.

In the case of the topic at hand: the people who are pop ups in vulnerable moments often represent a ‘path’ or a harmonic choice or a reality stream in our life. Some new, some current, some old. We have little interactions with them almost as ‘benchmarks’ of what is going on. in our lives. People from the past or a certain issue have been known to show up like clockwork (you have probably already noticed this happening). When we choose not to engage or to do the new thing, that is us grounding our new path and living our new reality stream. We are 100% responsible for our choices. Getting to know their long term and short-term energetic impact and the symbolism around who shows up is quite fascinating.

On that note:

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December Astrology Report

Looking at life with the lens of this Pluto Venus Mercury energy can be a big plus. Getting into spaces of nurturing relationships and safe spaces is a goal for many of us. This December we have two double conjunctions, solstice, and an eclipse. In short: A lot of planetary high impact training and change potential. Check out the full December Astrology report to hear more about forming positive connections to the journey this month. Link to it in profile grid with cover pic (December Astrology Report) (click the big picture, it links you there).

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