Shopping Strategy for Energy Sensitives

As we wind our way into what is widely experienced as, “holiday season”, energy sensitives everywhere brace for the highs and lows that can come with trips to crowded shopping centers. Read on for a little discussion on why shopping can feel so ‘intense’, how to recognize you are picking up ‘energy’ and what to do about it.

An energy sensitive person is someone who has the ability to perceive the unseen dynamics of an environment like thoughts, feelings, and technology waves. Unmanaged and unrecognized it can feel like a ‘bad thing. Managed, it is a unique ability to tap into the world through feeling.

So let us get on with the managing and recognizing.

Busy shopping areas can be a challenge because they:

•Are filled with people (some in very high stress states of being)
•Have overhead lights that often buzz around a low vibration
•House many different forms of technology emitting their frequencies
•Do not get cleared for energy and thus have areas of stagnant flow
•Have few windows or fresh air outlets

What this means is that there are a lot of pulsating technology waves, leftover energy imprints of the thousands (or millions) of people who entered the shopping place before you, and air that needs purification floating around. A person who is not as energy sensitive may not notice this. These factors contribute to these spaces sometimes having difficult energy to maneuver for energy sensitives. Especially for people who are not quite aware that they have this experience. This is because we actually feel those remnants as though they are happening ‘right now’, without a lot of differentiation. When an energy body is not being cared for, these other factors can feel especially challenging. It is like going outside in a rainstorm with sneakers on and expecting to keep your feet dry. (See below for a special learning offer on the rainboots I designed.)

Most people are more “energy sensitive” than they realize. Being around that many people (and where that many people have been) without the space being properly maintained energetically can be rough.

Signs you are picking up on the energy I am describing in the mall

•Sudden shift of emotions
• Feeling lightheaded and seeing black spots
•Getting disoriented
•Having thoughts that do not feel like your own.

What Are You Able to Do About It?

As a HIGHLY energy sensitive person (who strives to be this way), I can honestly tell you. Living like this without doing anything to help yourself hurts. For people like us, taking care of our auric field and learning basic grounding and vibration setting techniques (and using them) IS an essential life skill. When taken care of, our advanced sensory system acts like advanced GPS tuned specifically to our needs. When an energy sensitive person is not yet aware that they are ‘like this’ and/or does not take care of their body, they often experience huge mood swings, take on the behaviour and energy of others as their own, and feel constantly drained.

Places like malls and shopping centers are particularly interesting terrain because of the factors listed above.

Being energy sensitive DOES NOT mean we have to stay home or that we are cursed from a good shopping experience. Oh, no.

Since energy maintenance is not (yet) at the forefront of mall management, we have to take things into our own hands. We do this on our own!

(Scroll below the steps for a reel of the steps and a descriptive video as well as a special offer.)


1)Begin with getting into a meditative state. (Learners in my school, do ‘breath, focus, and connect’ or just ‘breath’.)
2) Envision a column of rainbow light forming above your head.
3) Bring it in through your body, then emanate it outward building a forcefield that goes all around you (like in the Visual)
4) Know that this forcefield helps keep your energy harmonized and fluid as you move through these dynamic real world environments.
5) As (or if) you start picking up on your vibe shifting, take a moment to return to the practice.

Have a great day and get out shopping.

A Special Holiday Gift

Everyday energy management through meditation and working with the world around us is my ‘thing’. I released a special little learning experience that is highly utilitarian. It has components to ground your energy, focus your thoughts, care for your energy body, and harmonize you to source. This is the tool I use every day and you hear me refer to in my broadcasts. Bonus? I have it on for a on a pay as you are able scale. Get yourself the gift of a life changing personal healing experience this holiday: Breathe. Ground. Connect: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection ( Click the link for a full course description and to get started!

I will be back with more, soon!



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