Energy Management and Meditation: Breathe, Ground, & Connect

I feel excited and also humbled to come forward with this: My most unique and new favourite offering, “Ground, Breathe, Connect: The Basics of Energy Management through Meditation” is LIVE. Even better than that? I have a special little thank you sale happening and YOU are invited.

The Body, Soul, and Planet: Energy Management through Meditation Learning Experience

I am excited because, though I have taught this method as part of all of my other courses in years past, I have never done it (or any other class for that matter), like this.

“Breathe, Ground, Connect” is a course focused specifically on the goods: the body, soul and planet all in one method of intentional vibration setting and meditation. The point here is to a) give you the theory about why vibration setting and the tools you are about to learn work; b) describe the method in detail so you can use it as a ‘whole’ or in parts and, c) spark your visualization of how you can put the method to work for you.

Core concept: By virtue of living here on earth, we may access three sources of regeneration, healing, and power at any moment: the air (our breath), the earth (our home), and the Universe (our source). This practice teaches you how to tap into each of them. In summary: As you are doing this practice, you are streaming healing energy through your body. This repairs a) your auric field, b) helps naturally shift out any stagnant energy, c) helps straighten out your kundalini so it is not crooked and painful, and d) helps keep your body and soul connection remain clear and strong. (More on that below.) These are typically tools you experience in three or four methods. What is so special about what I created is that it all works together as ‘one’. *This is a HIGHLY effective, life changing methodology.*

View a Course Sample

If you would like to take the course but are feeling a little ‘nervous’, I get it. Click the bolded link for a sample of the course, a course video, and the course player. All run right from my school. This is a wonderful way to ease the nerves of any people ‘scared’ to try something different. This is what the learning experience is like. Do not get daunted if you do not know words. You learn them. New concepts can bring new results. Click the big text below:

Breathe. Ground. Connect: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection (

A still from the learning materials.

What to expect from the learning experience

This method is a three-layer meditation and energy management tool. In the course, I break it down into 3 ‘themes’; breath, getting grounded with earth, and harmonizing with the universal love stream.

Materials are mixed media to be engaging to learners of various sorts. There are audio lectures, meditation videos (each 3 featuring an ‘avec’ and  3 ‘sans’ sound version) written notes, and detailed suggestions of how to put this to work for you. The material is geared toward you recognizing when to use it, how, and to get you into feeling focused, calm, and connected.

*Though there is reading, watching, and listening to do, the onus is on getting you doing the practice. The units are not ‘big long reads’ (so do not feel intimidated). They are thoughtful introductions to the concepts delivered in text, voice, and video. This is scaled to be welcoming to learners of the various engagement types and levels of education. This is even inclusive to youth (and totally acceptable for you to study together as a family).* 

What you get

  • Description of the Method broken into 3 sections: Breath, grounding, and connecting to universal love. Work with each ‘on their own’ or together, this is like learning 3 tools in one.
  •  3 exclusive meditation videos that you are able to download and take with you anywhere. One for each component of the method. Mix and match to your situation and needs. *there are really ‘6’ because you get a silent and sound version of each*
  • Practical Experience gained by practicing the method. Reading and playing with the videos helps you prepare to use the tools in more ‘strained’ situations.
  • Recorded audio and downloadable pdf versions of the body, soul and planet method of vibration setting and meditation. Hear and experience me guiding you through it. *This helps you know how to do it yourself, in your own time.*
  • A set of skills that are easily scalable and brought into any environment including: Sporting events, the office, household, the mall, in the car (and anywhere you may need to stay calm or have a minute to get a  vibration lift).
  • 4 videos of me explaining the layers of the tool and how to bring them together or use them separately (one for each section and an introduction).
  • A guide on how to study material like this. I know there are a lot of first timers. I got your back.
  • Suggestions on how to fit this practice into your life. Highlight on creating a ‘vibe space’ in your home, how to bring these tools and other little vibration setting aids to the office, school, or on the road.

You access the learning through a self-study personal access point at my school. You can get to it whenever works for you. I keep you on file for one year. Course materials are downloadable.

Pay as you are able

As you know, a lot of people are ‘waking up’ and/or realizing that they would like to dedicate more of themselves to themselves. They are realizing the value of offerings like this. (yay!) At the same moment, we are in a situation where some households have more than others. As a person who has had a lot of money and no money, I have always taken measures to be inclusive. Class should not be a barrier to wellness. (This is why I focus so heavily on open access education.)

Knowing this material is life changing and that a lot of people are in a place where they are ready for it: I have decided to release the course on a pay what you can basis. In my opinion, the course is worth $196 usd (it will return to this registration at some point). To be sensitive, I have scaled registration on the registration bar to 111 because that is middle ground. I am happy to release this for 44 usd up to 196. My host only allows one price point per course. As such, you will have to email me at to get registered access for another contribution amount. I will register you manually and set up an accurate invoice. It is no bother at all.

I am doing it this way as opposed to ‘free’ because: a) I have bills, too; b) when I have given courses away in the past, I found the ‘free’ recipients very rarely complete it; and c) some people are doing just fine and have the ability to cover registration.


Click here to access my school and go right to the checkout page. You are also able to view the full course contents and the layout from this screen: Body, Soul, & Planet: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection (

I am SO EXCITED to welcome you to this lifechanging part of your journey.



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