Emerging from the Fog Astrology and Self Care Report (November through February)

Hello, friends of the blog! As those of you who are reading along with us know, we just turned the season, thus moving into a hugely transformational phase of our planetary growth. This phase is significant in that a) it is happening during the heating up of solar cycle 25, b) it includes notable planet movements including Uranus (now on its journey to direct), Pluto conjunctions galore, and an upcoming eclipse (to name a few) and c) we are officially in the line up of solstice which is a ‘power point’ in the natural healing cycle of our planet.

Announcing SEASON 2 of Crow Medicine (and sharing the first voice based instalment): As you know, the cycle of seasons is (and has always been) a key feature of my teaching. It is along with these that we (and the planet) heal, develop, and grow. Crow Medicine podcast is created along with these phases and in conversation with them. In order to kick off season 2 it felt like the best thing to do was to set out an overall podcast talking about a) why this season is significant, b) how to tune into it (and how the podcasts I release on the program will be part of that journey), and c) the planets guiding it all. Crow Medicine is here to walk us through the good and the bad. This season, we are going to experience both.

This season, we are moving together out of the fog.

What do I mean by the fog? In short, I mean the stress and general wear and tear a lot of us have picked up over the seasons. In particular, the last 20 months. We have had some challenging situations that have left us shell shocked and a little raw. This season, we turn ever more to self mastery and becoming strong in our inner world as a key strategy to find our path through.

The great news is, the planets are here to help us HEAL THIS. In fact, this particular four month window packs a powder keg of unusual and unique alignments (mixed with that sun) to make this an ideal season to get the reigns in the hand. One that I think many people are ready to capitalize on. As I say in the podcast, this is not necessarily going to be ‘easy’. At the same time that we are able to heal and focus on our inner world, the outer world is going to seem more and more crazy. We are moving to breakdown (and we will fix it. We are going to be ok). These are the moments that are tools like breath and focus HELP US THE MOST This podcast is not a rose coloured glasses conversation but it is also not about doom and gloom. Alchemy and mastery come in the rough moments and my goodness, a lot of us have walked through the fire. Some are there now. *we are not alone.*

Like the title ‘Body, Soul, & Planet’? Me, too! This is a big part of how I organize my teachings. Why? Because (as I note in the podcast), we have bodies, we have souls, we live on and are in direct conversation with the planets. Taking these three factors into play creates a holistic overview and approach. And it WORKS. This cute little catchphrase really brings it all together. When you see me write it in future updates, you will know that you are about to get an overall overview that brings wellness, knowing where we are at in the planets, and our soul direction all together. (Please note: The concept Body, Soul & Planet is under copyright protection to me as part of my original writings and teaching approach. Please do not appropriate it.)

Tune in for a conversation about our now, the astrological moments we are able to work with to lift out of it, and how we are able to come back to breath and vibration to heal ourselves from this absolute mess we have been through. *see below for a detailed program summary and additional materials.*

To access: This is a voice-only podcast. Thus, it is available across platforms including itunes, spotify, google, anchor, and pocketcasts.

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Program Summary:

Welcome back to Crow Medicine Podcast. This instalment is all about getting us rallied and ready.

Topics covered (by segment)

a) The brain fog many of us have been feeling and how that relates to our journey to healing. Have you been forgetting things lately? Finding yourself not as able to connect to your ‘reason’? You are not alone. This is how a lot of people feel. Tune in for a conversation on why this may be happening.

b) Upcoming astrological alignments and how they support our journey. Key highlights are: movements of Uranus. From November 4, 2021 to late January 2022, the planet of personal revolution and memory will be gracing our alignments. This is significant to: i) soul sparking; ii) reconnecting to our memories and our ability to feel safe; iii) major social and economic change. Possibly continued unrest. Forming the space of love within ourselves and our home spaces is an act of preservation as much as it is revolution. Be the change.

A second noted point (of the many that there are and will be) is the journey of Venus and Pluto. On solstice we have the second of two Venus-Pluto conjunctions coming up. This is a journey into the darkness (which  many of us notice already happening). Tune into the podcast to talk about how we are able to walk into these spaces with dignity. A key theme: Venus is here to usher us in with love. Listen in for affirmations.We have healing to do. In ourselves, as well as our societies. The path starts here.

c) In the final segment, we discuss ways to begin (or continue) preparing to experience the positive growth potential. This season, I recommend a high priority be placed on taking an all around approach to well-being where the body and soul are taken into account. This is because we are experiencing a lot of physical changes with the shifting of the solar cycle (we feel the geomagnetics in our bodies) as well as the emotional healing (inspired by both the sun and the planets and our moments). It can feel very easy to get overwhelmed. Having a healthy body and giving our selves regular spaces for soul care helps. One of the best ways to do this is to begin (or continue) your meditation practice. Click here for a 6 minute practice you can tune into, today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_WKIqLm9qU&t=6s.

*Materials noted

 Overview blog post: Tuning in to This Powerful & Unique Season of Growth – Crow Medicine: (crow-medicine.com)

Meditation practice: Meditation to Set a High Vibration for the Day – YouTube

Messages of Love from the Planet: https://crow-medicine.com/2021/06/26/getting-to-know-planet-earth/

What the CME: https://crow-medicine.com/2021/07/21/what-the-cme-the-link-between-solar-flares-and-spirituality/

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Stay tuned to Crow Medicine podcast

As I speak through the first and second segment of this podcast, the materials I create this season in the podcast as well as my writing blog will be designed with leading us through this in mastery and love, in mind. Visit me at www.crow-medicine.com, www.crowmedicinemedia.com on insta @crowmedicinekatie. As noted above, I would love to receive support from those who are able. I know some are. No pressure or hard feelings to those who are not able. I know you people appreciate this the most. Help me get the great work around by sharing it with friends and family who you think it might help.


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