Meditation to Have a High Vibrational Day

You got 5.5 minutes? Ready to make an impact in your day?

Morning breathing practices that give us a moment to set the focus for the day are gamechangers. Why? Click the video and find out.

New to meditation practices? Do not be scared. This is simple, easy, and highly effective. Give this breathing and focus exercise a go. It is designed to be used in the am to get you started and is ready to help get and keep you lifted at intervals throughout your day.

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How this Works:

As I explain in the video, the idea is that by giving ourselves regular intervals to set our vibration, we have POWER in our experience. We are able to maintain our high vibration and meditative state throughout the day, without needing to sink hours into every practice. Five minutes here, thirty seconds there, sixty somewhere else. It all adds up. It makes a difference.

Like the concept and interested in learning more? I have a GREAT little structured learning program around the fundamentals of meditation and energy management based around the ‘body, soul, and planet’ approach that I created. I am currently offering it on a pandemic ‘pay as you are able’ special. This is a wonderful, quick study, high power tool that helps you work with breath (to focus), grounding (to the earth for stability of energy and form), and harmonization (to the heart of the Universe) as your go to. Once you learn this method, you bring it into little practices like this and bam. Supercharged. Click here for the program summary, structure, and to access: Breathe. Ground. Connect: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection (


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Congratulations for taking this step toward having a better day.

Everyday energy management through meditation and working with the world around us is my ‘thing’. I released a special little learning experience that is highly utilitarian. It has components to ground your energy, focus your thoughts, care for your energy body, and harmonize you to source. This is the tool I use every day and you hear me refer to in my broadcasts. Bonus? I have it on for a on a pay as you are able scale. Get yourself the gift of a life changing personal healing experience: Breathe. Ground. Connect: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection ( Click the link for a full course description and to get started!

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