Lessons of Samhain

The lessons of Samhain are many.

The most powerful to me are the ones about the nature of reality. Samhain reminds us of ancestors. In that, so too of relationships that exist beyond ‘death’. Of those who pass between the worlds. Of the ones who mind the gates. Of how a part of our world and its connection to others works.

Samhain teaches us about the other worlds. They do exist. It reminds us to be mindful of the gateways between realities and that all who wish to pass through are not coming with the most peaceful intentions in their hearts. When we engage with other worlds it is not always clear who we are getting. Is it the nice pretty thing? Is there something gruesome under the mask? (The multiverse is vast and the beings who live in it many.) In this season we are reminded of some of the terms of engagement with the ‘other side’. Taking these lessons to others is advantageous. Though that sounds sort of ominous, what I mean to say is discernment and being aware of the reality that various worlds coexist and ours is not the only one is an asset to our overall wellbeing. It explains a lot of things.

For a lot of us, Samhain season feels like a warm sweater. It is our normal. For others it is a glimpse into the fantastical. This blog is happily a meeting point.


I love Samhain. Though one of my most ‘busy’ times of the year there is also such comfort in this season. Representing the wrap up of the harvest, we come to this moment of bounty. This year my husband taught me to take ‘days off’and to actually receive the gifts that come with rest. I normally doggedly run at some pretty difficult tasks without stopping. This season I learned that if I stop talking and teaching and always running to help other people, I have time to receive all the things I was calling toward me that I was missing before. It was totally different! (And guess what? Everything still gets completed.) Samhain season also brings the call to hearth. Being married and having a real home has taught me a whole new layer of the power that comes from tending one. (Wow. Talk about underestimated source of strength.)

What did you learn this season?

Looking a little tired in New York.

Planet wise. The crossings have gone well this year. It has been the kind of October my heart always knew would happen and waited for. As those of you who follow me on Instagram know, I went to New York as part of this journey. The job? LIGHT up the path and support as many people as I can in their journey. Samhain is about soul sparking just as much as it is about crossing out of this realm. Right now, millions of souls are being sparked. Yes. Millions. That many. This is an important part of the cosmic dance and healing cycle that this planet has been walking us (and walking with us) through. (Come back for more on the soul sparking this week. I have been preparing new materials this month as fuel for the journey.)

Raising a Glass to All

As we wind up this season, I send a cheers and thanks to all who did their thing for love, whatever it is.

*To wrapping up the feasts of the fall and preparing for our solstice season.*

*To those who are making their crossings now.*

*To those holding the lights.*

*To those minding the hearth.*

*To those guarding the path.*

Looks like this one, we may even get some aurora borealis.



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