White Rose Purification

42 seconds of peace, purity, and calm.

A meditative video featuring the gift of the white rose. Click play to immerse yourself in this quicky meditative experience.

To make it meditative:

Get prepared to play the video by closing out conversation windows and otherwise signal to yourself you are “taking one” minute for you. Depending on where you are, that may mean going to the washroom or stepping outside.

Breathe deeply and steadily. Allow your inhalation to touch your pelvis. Nurture yourself.

Cycle through 3 sets of breath.

When ready, press play.

Let the rose petals, wind, and light call you in. They represent the harmony of Purification, the restoration of innocence, peace, and truth.

Feel the rose essence. Know that this is an act of Purification, meditation, healing and growth.

Breathe as you are inspired by the video. Let yourself be immersed.

Know that 42 seconds plus this deep breathing is enough to bring you to a space of center, focus, and calm.

If one go is not enough, watch the video on repeat again and again.

When you are ready. Focus your awareness on your feet and where they touch the ground.

Check in with yourself. How do you feel? Any more you than before?

Congratulate yourself for taking a moment.

Then go ahead and keep that day moving.

Love this approach? I release quicky practices and tune in now suggestions on my Instagram stories. Find me @katieindicrow or @crowmedicinekatie there.

*Everyday energy management through meditation and working with the world around us is my ‘thing’. These quickies are great. Maximize them by studying this method at my school. I released a special little learning experience that is highly utilitarian. It has components to ground your energy, focus your thoughts, care for your energy body, and harmonize you to source. This is the tool I use every day and you hear me refer to in my broadcasts. Bonus? I have it on for a on a pay as you are able scale. Get yourself the gift of a life changing personal healing experience: Breathe. Ground. Connect: Energy Management through Meditation and Conscious Connection (learnworlds.com). Click the link for a full course description and to get started! (When you are trained, 60 seconds can be the equivalent of what a 30 minute practice ‘raw’ could be.)

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*Having now returned to writing from my sojourn, there will be much more of this here. Just like old fans and friends have come to know and love me for. Thank you for your patience and support as I took this year to study the Universe, get married, and go through so many big life changes. It is good to be back to blogging more regularly. I will resume with public events in 2022.*



Visit https://crow-medicine.com/blog/ to see the publications I worked on over the summer as I was grounding here. I highly recommend the Crow Medicine music experiences of you are looking for something powerful and a little different.

I have also been building up a little base of podcasts in various formats. Most have not been posted here. I was practicing what it felt like to do them on sojourn and allowing the form to have its own space. As I move back, you will see more of this form and the content begin to integrate. Check here if you are ready now for more #crowmedicine and to.see what else I have been creating: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/blog/

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