Hearing the Call to Work with Crystals (and why so many of us do)

Hearing the Call of the Crystal (and why so many of us do)

Crystals. Recently thought to be the providence of your ‘woo woo’ aunt or friend, crystals are taking the world by storm (once again). Whether it be quartz, aquamarine, aventurine, amethyst, tourmaline, or jade: people recognize that crystals ‘work’.        

The call of the crystal can sound in many forms. For a lot of people, it begins very simply with one day stumbling into a store and making a first purchase. Others have very specific and strong soul instruction that this is an important part of the path. If you are here, you have heard it. Welcome to the club and/or great to see you back!


Forming our very first relationship with a crystal and getting to know who they are is an incredibly valuable experience. Crystals become our friends and confidantes. They go in bras, cars, to the office, in sports bags, and as some of the few belongings receiving coveted carry-on luggage status. (I have stories. There will be a podcast.)  Many of us have ‘favourite’ crystals that become like family. No matter what, they ride with us. On occasion for more than one lifetime.

  1. A lot of people remember the very first crystal they ever had.
  2. Forming relationships with crystals and being exposed to their lessons is consistently one of the most rewarding parts of the path experience that people share about. (We all know that ‘crystal person’ and a lot of us become them.)
  3. Learning about crystals helps us learn about how vibration works in our own lives.
  4. Through this, they also teach us about how vibration works on the planet.

So what is all the buzz with crystals?

Crystals and the minerals that comprise them are an important part of our everyday lives. Appearing in a wide range of appliances such as sonar, watches, computers and LCD screens, glasses and roadways, they help power the world around us.

In addition to their function in the ‘real’ world, crystals are also a main component of the structure of our planet. Quartz, for example, makes up about 10% to 12% of the crust of the Earth. Feldspar makes up approximately 60%. Though that name is less familiar, crystals like moonstones, labradorite, and amazonite are all considered feldspars. The crystal formations of both types turn up as deposits that are scattered throughout the continents. Labradorite, for example, was famously discovered in Labrador, Canada (and you can feel its power there, let me tell you that having been personally). Though we do not often think of it,

All the natural crystals that we carry around in our pocket, see at a museum, or in our communities come from planet Earth.  

Together, they form a powerful network of frequency that helps constitute the ‘vibration’ of planet earth.  

Crystals are so everywhere that we kind of take these little (and big) magical beings for granted. This series is dedicated to helping us to get deep in our love for them.

Let us get started by covering some basic ground which is: Why am I hearing a call to crystals and how do they work (in general, but also, for me)?

Image from Unsplash Edz Norton

We are not re-creating the wheel when we work with crystals

To be clear: Working with crystals and gemstones is nothing ‘new’. As well demonstrated by the archaeological record, crystals have long been incorporated in ritual and spiritual practice throughout our existence. They have been discovered at viking burial mounds, were widely used throughout Greece and pop up in the armor of soldiers in battle.  The presence of lapis lazuli in Egypt is well documented. So too is jade and its occurrence as a prime choice for sacred carvings.

We also see this in architecture of powerful buildings. Take altars at Churches for example. They are embedded in mosaic tiles, fireplaces, and as part of the infrastructure. They are in pyramids, palaces, and adorning sculpture and monument alike.

(Not to mention the crystals far beneath the earth that often act as attraction points for human civilization. Big cities often mean powerful crystals nearby. More on that in 2022.)

Quietly, clearly, crystals have been part of the human journey through its phases with little lapse in recognition of that connection. Where there are people, there are often crystals or figurines shaped of minerals that we currently call by that name on their person and in their spaces. This is unique.

Hearing the Call

Crystals represent the call and the healing power of planet earth. They are part of a natural range of tools that we may work with to enjoy life, here. Not only do they help us heal ourselves, so too do they teach us a great deal about the planet. When we hear the call to the crystal, it is important to remember that we are not being crazy. Working with cyrstals is natural, it is safe, and it is something our souls know we are meant to do. For this reason, the call to the crystal is a first or early stop on the awakening journey for a lot of people.

The call of the crystal can take many forms. What is important to recognize that often, when we feel an inner nudge to go do something, it is our soul speaking. Our soul is meant to be our supercharged guidance system that helps us bring ourselves to what is going to benefit us. Many people hear their first call to the crystal when their soul and body are ready to make some changes. It also comes up often when people are asking for solutions to an issue they have. The voice (answer) may be experienced like flashes of a thought recurring (“Rose quartz or is kind of neat….maybe you could get a ring of it”), browsing etsy shops, reading about them, or asking to hold the ones that your friend has. A lot of people start stuffing them into bras, socks, the car, their desk at the office without really knowing why.  (Congratulations if you are just now realizing you have been hearing and listening to your soul!)

                My first crystal call

I know my own first call was not that glorious and came rather late. It was 2013 and I was in Dublin. Though I had been ‘on the path’ for some time, the idea to get a crystal just never occurred to me. On my daily walk I would often pass a store called ‘Dirvish’. It was one of those cool metaphysical stores that felt mysterious and alluring. I knew there was probably something ‘in there’ for me. Coming from a small town from a religious, small island and having been a closet spiritualist my whole life, I had never been in a store like this. Slowly and surely, as my soul started getting louder and louder (also happening on these walks), I decided to go in. Greeted by the smell of incense, the hair on my arm prickled. This was the right place.

 Lined against the back walls were bins and bins and bins filled with crystals. Having never seen anything like this, I had no idea what to do. That inner soul voice said,

“Walk around. You will feel the one that is meant for you.”

 So walk around I did. Hands open, eyes sort of closed, letting myself feel my way around the store. Eventually, a bin that contained bright purple crystals with white bands stood out to me. Walking over, I made my first selection: Amthyst. From there, I added a banded rainbow fluorite, a tigers eye, and I believe a piece of obsidian. Purchased them. Took them home. Started my journey, which at the time included holding each of the crystals one by one and wondering what to do with them.

Pic of amthyst Photo by Renee Kiffin on Unsplash

 Though I had no idea as Katie at the time what any of it meant, that moment opened up a huge pathway for me. Not only in terms of connecting more clearly to myself, but also in helping me to unlock a lot of my own sacred memories. If my life were a movie, that would be one of those scenes that gets flashed to as a ‘This changed everything’ moment. Working with crystals has that kind of impact on a lot of people.

Inspiring and Harmonizing Yourself with Help from the Planet

In essence: Toting crystals is the equivalent of walking around with a healing part of the planet in our pocket. When we carry one with us, we are getting a hug from the planet. We are being ‘tuned’ by that part of it. Though we may not realize that is what our souls are being drawn to, quite often, that strong desire to get our first crystal or to add to our family with a new one is a response to our deep awareness of that love and their capability. Ever pick up a crystal and feel a buzz? Perhaps notice your hair rising? Or do you find yourself coming to peace after staring at it for a while? These are all signs that the vibration of that crystal is connecting to your own and helping ‘tune’ or bring about that frequency in you.

When it comes to learning about the call of the crystal, a piece of advice I offer is this: Do not judge yourself. Do not assume that everyone knows more about it than you do. A good many people carry crystals in their bras in good faith because they know it helps them, realizing down the road the why and how. If you are here reading this article, there is a good chance that you now officially have more information on how crystals work than most of the people around you. Take heart. Stay patient. Do not give up!

The journey begins somewhere. Perhaps for some of you readers it is here, now. For others, it has been some time ago.

Hey, if you want to learn more about it as I teach it, like this page and subscribe to my email list. I have more where this came from. Future instalments will include material focused on how to work with specific crystals, how to care for them, and how to learn how to hear them speak. Because the way I approach this topic asks us to think about things a bit differently, I like to go slowly. This is unique!

Next post: Selecting a crystal (and being selected by it).

Wherever you are, I welcome you to sit for a moment and think: What has been my call to the crystals? When did I first hear it? What was going on in my life?

If you feel so inclined, I would love for you to share part of your story in the comments section of this post.

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This material is copyright protected. Love what you learned and want to include it in your teachings? Thank you for the honour. If you do so, please provide a direct reference to this article. This is how we share the love and respect of creation.

Resources: Much of the cultural and classical knowledge included in this article is the result of my own life as an anthropologist and through my own interaction with the planet directly. Much of what I wrote is from memory and long developed practice, so is not easy to directly reference. I did some background reading for figures and accuracy to support the writing of this post. The two articles I drew from are: Mineral Resource of the Month: Feldspar (earthmagazine.org).

On quartz: Quartz Info – Enviable durability in an array of enticing colors (gemselect.com).

About me: As part of my role as a caretaker here on earth, the crystals of the planet are one of my main focal points. When I tell you that I am in ceremony for Earth and working to harmonize it, the crystals are some of the main mechanisms that I work with. The planet has a consciousness. That consciousness and crystals are intricately interconnected. Part of the ‘great awakening’ is turning back on the crystals of our planet, harmonizing the ones within us to them, and thus reaching a ‘higher vibration’ of experience and consciousness.  This series will include some of the ‘same old’ information on crystals. It will be enriched through the in-depth knowledge I have gained through my sacred focus. As many of my ‘old’ readers know, this is my favourite topic. I have taken a respite in producing podcasts and materials about this topic for 2021 to go into a deep cycle of study. This piece is my triumphant return. More to come.

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