Crow Medicine: Soul Journey through Sound (for FUN)

Hello, friends!

Welcome back for some more Crow Medicine.

Music and the journeys that we are able to go on when we listen to it has always been something that I got a lot of joy from. Play and joy are an important part of the path. In my opinion, so too are little adventures that help us tune into that fun in ways that are safe and expansive.

Enter Crow Medicine music journey podcasts.

What are Crow Medicine music journeys? They are in general hour long productions created by me that feature spiritual teachings, opportunities to align your own soul/spark your creativity, and EXCELLENT music that I curate to fit the themes. Woven together as a musical journey, Crow Medicine journeys are my way of having fun and sharing that with you. (I highly recommend you check them out.)

This instalment of Crow Medicine is a playful journey through sound and song that takes us from our bedroom to space to lava and back again here to the good life on planet earth. In this adventure, I move us through house, hip hop, pop and bass and take listeners on a journey through their soul and into unexpected locations.

Where do we go?

We begin with soul connection, launch into the universal love. From there, we head to space for a quick little bop and then back to our home, planet earth, for lava, lightning, and more love. We wrap up by touching down home in our safe space.

Featuring music from: Aphrodite, Guru, Ace of Base, Nightshift, and Dee Montero. Featuring insights from: My sacred journey.

Press play to tune in:

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Not a spotify premium member? No problem. You are still able to tune in and hear all the voice bits. The songs are only 30 second snippets for that version. Be sure to press pause and go and listen to each of the selections on your streaming platform of choice like youtube to enjoy the FULL effect. The songs are curated with a lot of love and doing this is worth it.

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See you soon for season 2 of Crow Medicine! I also have some brand new non Crow Medicine productions coming up :).

Thank you for making the first round so much fun.

Love, Katie

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