Many of us have spent the vast majority of the last 18 months doing just that. If you are like me, EVERYTHING in your life has changed. How you view yourself, what you eat, where you live, who you live with, how many family members there are, cosmological beliefs, ideas… ALL of it has been brought up to revisit and review. A great lot of it came to shift. This is what these ‘in between’ phases that these past two years have been are meant to be. Amidst all the chaos, a lot of us go inward and we can honestly say that in our hearts and souls, we are different. More ourselves, or at the very least, in the art of becoming.

My Journey of Change and Discovery

As part of my own journey as a teacher and a public person, part of my doing things differently this past year has been to adjust the balance of effort being put on ‘others’ and ‘self’. Though self care has always been important to me, since I became a public person in 2016 (and much before that in my professional Katie in politics and academia) I have focused mostly on others. I was born for these moments and the immediacy of needing to get the planet to certain points in its transition HAD to happen. Many of you have been part of that, coming to my open access calls, hanging out here with me on my wall having the chats, tuning into my videos and podcasts, or perhaps even working with my written practices.

Those first years were ALL ABOUT THE PLANET (and everything I do still is). During those years, all of those activities that I was doing did have a toll on me. A big one. Withstanding psychic attacks from so many angles that they seemed from everywhere, traveling the planet and the astrals securing the points, going public (which made me visible to people who did not mean this effort well), and holding space for many thousands of people at a time were just part of it. The darkness and horror that I experienced for this planet and our people is untellable. It was also part of the job, so I did it. Freedom means more to me than being comfortable. *Ever feel yourself feeling extremely angry or something not that nice towards me and you could not figure out why? Chances are in the astrals I was walking a damaged part of you back to yourself and the part of the energy that wanted you to stay unhappy or trapped was poking you to react to it. I took a lot of that kind of behaviour from people over the years and, though part of the territory, it was exhausting. *******If you were a person who did send hatred energy toward me as you were moving through your own entrapment to healing process, you are invited to say ‘sorry katie’ in the astrals, right now, and to call your energy back. That would be very cool of you to do. I totally forgive you. *

Transformation Cycle 2021

As we entered 2021, it became very clear to me that for me to be able to make my own personal leap, I was going to need to step back and give myself the space to heal from all of it. Because wow. It was a lot. This began with stepping back from doing healing sessions and taking several months off of public engagement. It continued with me closing off the thinkific version of IndiCrow Academy and my old website, IndiCrow Energetics. They both just ‘stopped working’. Whether that was natural or because I got targeted, who knows. What it wound up doing was giving me the space to let go of thousands of old words, students, and connections that were no longer active. In the end, it was a good thing. During this year, you also may have noticed I stopped making videos. This was because a computer broke. The absence of the activity for one month while I waited for a repair told me, hey. Not making videos actually feels really good right now. Maybe you should give that a little rest as well. (I will eventually make them again when my head for creating them is fresh and I can do better production. As I make my way into the next phases, more polished and refined communications are a goal.)

Trusting the Process

As I made my way through this year of change, every ‘absence’ created the space for a new kind of wholeness. Not focusing so heavily on healing sessions for specific people allowed me to stop carrying the burden that is walking the rights to retrieve and unite soul fragments (which is what most of you came to me for). This allowed me to walk the rights for the planet and our universe, myself and my husband more fully. When my computer broke and I could no longer make videos, I was introduced to the world of podcasting. Guess what? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. When the websites broke, I found better hosts that costed less and gave me more options. I rebuilt.

The next big change on the list is to go through this Equinox in personal silence. What I mean to say by that is that for the first time since any of you have met me, this Equinox, I will not be hosting public ceremony. This is really hard and weird not to do for me. Ceremony IS what WE DO. Though of course, I will be (always am) in ceremony. This gateway, I must move into the silence in a new way. This is significant. Though it feels completely the opposite of what I do, so too have all of the other activities I did this year that brought me to beautiful new forms of self-awareness and creativity. When my soul tells me to take a leap, I take it. I have learned that what seems crazy often helps us realize new and different parts of our depths.

For me, the hardest part in not creating a new public ceremony is feeling like I am somehow abandoning you. The truth is that I have made a whole season of material (from March Equinox til now) that is available to the public that anyone can access for free, right now. I have faithfully taught you skills open access (because you know I do not believe in class being a barrier to being able to get good information). What you learned from me in other moments apply in this now. The ceremonies from last Equinox works well, as do the Crow Medicines I have walked people through. A short list of some of my favourites is available here: For those seeking more, I wrote an amazing book that walks you through how to hear your soul, heal it, and to develop your intuitive senses all at the same time. You can get it through that site. My best of what is available as this version of Katie I sit as today is already out there. To be different, I have to let go and go into myself and follow that very same advice that I so often give out. As the Universe changes, so too will I continue making my own personal Katie transformation. So will we all. See you next season. I love you all. I leave you with a favourite song.

Changes, by David Bowie:



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