Music + Ceremony Journey: Calling in Positive Emotional Connections

Ready to go on a journey with me? Tune in for a self actualization exercise to harness positive emotional connection. Like a blend between ceremony and podcast, this is a heartfelt and unique instalment of Crow Medicine all about coming home to ourselves.

This instalment of Crow Medicine is about healing ideas that emotions are weak. This is about letting go of self destructive tendencies that come because we do not have a place to speak. This about becoming conscious of the impact we have on self and others. This is about recognizing that the way we feel is a pathway to our heart and soul. When we resist that, we are walking away from ourselves. The path is all about the journey back home (to you).

Together, we move through a series of self dedications where each participant is prompted to work with their own soul power to call forth healing and growth. Beginning with getting cozy and comfortable, we talk about the importance of emotions as messages from our soul. Feeling rage, joy, pain and all the extremes and wondering what that is all about? *I got you.* Throughout the ceremony/practice, we work with forming positive pathways to seeing, healing, and accepting ourselves at this depth.

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Including music from: Chris Lorenzo, Pete Tong, John Monkman, and Teemid. This one is a blend between what I would like to hear if I were having a mystical experience hanging out on the planet and fuse it with the powerful meditation and self development practices you have come to know and love me for.

Not a spotify premium member and still want to play? Easy. Create a free user account and tune in that way. You will only get 30 second bits of the songs. Go to youtube or a streaming service you like and plug em in that way. (It is just as good.)

It includes music, powerful intentions, and guidance on the inner meaning of deep emotional experiences and a soul perspective on what they mean.

This is a powerful ceremony and a really special experience. I put a lot into creating it. Enjoy it. From my heart to our community.



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