Trusting Your Gut: Intuitive Food Selection and Healing Your Soul/Body Connection with Food

Welcome back to another instalment of Crow Medicine! Today, we get into one of my favourite topics: Healing and hearing our souls through food.

Joined by friend and food maven, Lauren Phillips, this podcast is a fun conversation about how we are able to work with food to improve our soul health and well-being. What is so unique about this conversation? It features a food specialist and a soul specialist in dialogue, nerding out about nutrition, the body, and how we are able to work with these components to improve our own lives. A main theme? Intuitive food selection and hearing the soul/body.

Trusting the Gut

For this broadcast, we zero in on the gut. This is one of the main parts of our body that our soul is able to communicate to us through. Themes discussed include: Spiritual and nutritional perspectives on food including a conversation of micro and macro nutrients; Eating for the soul, eating for the body, and how they relate; Food cravings and what they tell us about our nutritional and soul needs; and INTUITIVE FOOD SELECTION!

In the final segment, we discuss this handy little green concoction RECIPE that Lauren created for us:

Click here for the spotify version: this is voice only so you will not have to use any log in information to hear it: 

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Special Thank you To Lauren

Thanks to Lauren for joining in on this podcast. She will be BACK for more food inspired conversation in future months. You can find her on instagram @savourysnackz. You can find me @crowmedicinekatie.

Back soon.


Katie, @crowmedicinekatie

This soul/body approach is part of all of my teachings. It features prominently in Soul Compass:

And here: What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality – Crow Medicine (

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