Gifts of Mercury

In our cosmic neighborhood, Mercury is a planet that has a lot of influence on communication. When Mercury is in play, we feel it coming up in the way we relate to ideas, interpersonal relationships, and our ability to express the deep feelings and sacred ideas we carry inside. It brings the ways we relate to ourselves and others into play.

Mercury also includes expressing creativity (or lack thereof), feeling heard and seen, and feeling safe to tell the truth.

Through the cycles of Mercury we see different parts of these themes (and more) highlighted. The idea is that as we encounter these cosmic moments, we are also encountering the potential to know ourselves more deeply. We progress in our knowledge each cycle. We do our healing and path expansion along with the transits.

This is the first of many Mercury posts exploring the lessons offered by thus planet on this blog.

(The communication part of Mercury is the one that most of us know and many bemoan. For this reason, our ongoing discussion of Mercury begins here.)

Forming a Positive Relationship with Mercury

Many people have learned or been taught to fear Mercury moments because they can highlight inefficiencies in our communications. It is not always just ‘us’. This can also include how systems of communication work (or do not). Think ‘chain of command’ or ‘process’. This can be frustrating and indeed like playing a 25 person game of telephone at times. In my cosmolougical observations, this has more to do with how we handle the energy of communication and putting feelings into words that others are then able to hear than Mercury itself.

When we work with Mercury (or any planet) from the perspective that it is a teacher highlighting a lesson or opportunity, we are able to begin positively connecting to it. We can call in a higher harmonic personal experience of this energy. We are able to work with it to help improve our lives.

Here are some simple suggestions on how you may like to positively connect to the communication aspect of Mercury.

Stay tuned for more Mercury love in future transits.

Want to hear more about our cosmic family? I recommend “What the CME?” as a starting point.

Anyone out there feeling this dance of Mercury? How is it showing up in your life?



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