What the CME? The Link Between Solar Flares and Spirituality

*program down for updating March 31, 2022. Will repost in early April.

Finding yourself feeling like you are walking into a windstream and like you are parched in energy? Noticing yourself feeling strange waves of extreme emotion? That, my friend, is a sign that you are being kissed by the cosmic wind.  

On July 3, 2021, we had our first x-flare solar flare activity since 2017. This has been followed by halo cmes, sideways moving cmes, and a ‘global shockwave’ that has affected the geomagnetics of the earth (as of July 15). This is significant. Why? This new series of flares and activity represent another main signpost in our planetary awakening journey. These flares and the CME activity (which WILL accelerate as we move toward solar maximum) are helping to raise the vibration of the planet. Simultaneously, they are bringing us into natural healing moments physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How does this all relate? What is so exciting about it? Is this a good thing? (Yes)

Join me for a unique conversation that brings together two of my loves: Scientific inquiry and spirituality. This is a podcast all about Solar Cycle 25, solar flare and CME activity, and the great spiritual awakening journey our planet is on.

Format: 53 minute voice only podcast. I will record a music one in follow up to this for my next Crow Medicine instalment!

Main topics of discussion: How our planet relates to this Universe from a spiritual perspective; the changing journey that our solar system is on and its relationship to the transition into Solar Cycle 25 (and the great awakening); the relationship between solar flares and soul healing; the unique form of solar activity we are experiencing right now (July 2021) and how it will continue into solar maximum; how to recognize you are feeling the solar flares; how to learn to work with these powerful cosmic rays as building blocks for life.

Keeping this summary intentionally short, I invite people to tune in and listen to this conversation that brings together the soul science between solar winds, cme activity, and soul healing. Bonus? We talk about how this energy serves as building blocks for the planet.

Click here for the spotify version: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2IJzf1uoMm5MJ9iLPA2lS6?si=Nnx6B_SdTE-uSoKn-N_o_A&dl_branch=1 .

Not a spotify user? No problem! You are also able to access this one on anchor. It is the top option when you click this link. By 24 hours from publishing, it will also be available on google podcast which is also linked here https://anchor.fm/katie-indicrow/episodes/What-the-CME–The-Link-Between-Solar-Flares-and-Spirituality-e14qajv.

Big ups to http://www.spaceweather.com for providing the graphs and some of the scientific background that I referenced throughout this report.

Big love!


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