Study the Body, Soul & Planet Approach to Meditation

Today is an exciting day. It is the day that I launch my brand new meditation course: Meditation Basics: The Body, Soul & Planet Approach to Harmonics and Connection

This is the core method of connection to self, source, and planet that sits at the base of everything I do, teach, and say here on this planet.

Come learn the body, soul, and planet approach to harmonization and self connection that sits at the basis of my unique school and method. What is so unique about this approach? It is tri-partite meaning that it has 3 main components: We harmonize our soul, we harmonize our body, and we connect to the planet. A second key component of this method is that it does not always entail lengthy periods of meditation. Rather, the premise is that by doing regular check-ins with our body/soul and giving ourselves intervals throughout the day to reconnect to it, that we maintain a more steady and stable experience of being in a meditative state as we go about our day and lives.

What is so special about this version? This is the very first time that I have offered the meditation version of my method in a stand alone course like this!

Bonus? It is on my brand new, recently relocated school website, IndiCrow Academy. It is also the second course released in my new phase of teaching. This is fresh, this is new, this is ready for you!

Who is it for?

People from all backgrounds. This is written and delivered in plain language to be inclusive and welcoming to those from many belief systems; People who are seeking a quick study that pays off in big impact; Those who are seeking to deepen their connection with their soul and the planet; Those who are finding themselves feeling ‘all over the place’ and seeking grounding; Those who know that they are ‘energy sensitive’ who are seeking tools to manage this throughout the day; Spiritual practitioners and students ranging of all levels. What I teach here is unique and was first tested on Masters; and finally, those seeking future mentorship and training with me. Everyone who comes into my school for future study will have been required to take this course (and/or Soul Compass) as a pre-requisite.

* This program is suitable for study for a mature 12+. Parents seeking training for younger learners are welcomed to email me at and request materials. I have some special ones stowed away. I will release some more youth based programming in the coming months.*

This is a great place to begin studying meditation if you have never done so before. It is also a solid foundation to get yourself started in the methods you hear me teach and talk about here.

What do you get?

Designed for people who are ‘on the move’, this is a self-study online course that you can access any time. The package consists of about 2 sits worth of reading material including a detailed description of the harmonics practice including description of what it is and why it works, two nature meditation tracks that I recorded out in my sacred practice (to work with as inspired), a guided meditation track with me leading you through the exercise, and a range of meaningful suggestions on when and how to work with the method (to put it to work for you).

What are the benefits?

If you asked me to tell you about the most influential decisions I ever made for my personal health and well-being, MEDITATION would be right up there. Next to it?  Learning how to get into and stay in that meditative state of being in such a way that I was able to bring it with me throughout the day. You learn both here.

Why did these tools have such a huge impact?

Because when we are in meditative state as practiced in the method I teach you here (as in we are ‘grounded’ in our body as well as connected to the earth), we are more likely to remain calm and to be able to hear that inner voice that is our conscience. When we stay calm, even in difficult situations, we are more likely to be able to stay in ‘observer’ mode. That is, we do not take things that have nothing to do with us personally, we do not get tied up in other peoples’ chaos and drama, and we are able to hear the sound of our soul clearly in situations of question to guide us through.

Click here to access your study-now version and to read more about the program:

Click here for more information about me and the inspiration behind the methods that I created: and here:

This is such a powerful learning program. I feel so excited to welcome new and returning students to come and benefit from it!

*Have you already studied with me and are wondering if this is worth the investment? If you are seeking a more in depth grounding the the harmonics approach to connection and a several new learning points such as a) where to put this specific method into play, b) a guided meditation track and c) some more material that is fresh and clear, the answer is yes. It is well worth it. Because the core method is the core method, it is of course the same Harmonics meditation you learned in Soul Compass. Many of you also get to try versions of it with me during my Crow Medicine broadcasts or when I used to do public ceremony. This is a very special version that brings the method together in a grounded, neat package. It also has new, fresh and clear content including tools you can work with to identify when best to use this. It can be a beautiful little technical focus for those coming at it from this angle.*



The harmonics method and the body/soul/planet concept are key threads woven through all of my broadcasts and creations. Check out past instalments of Crow Medicine to hear them in action. Click here for my full list:

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