Soul Care Sunday

Join me in a beloved tradition.

Soul Care Sunday.

What is it about?

Giving yourself a special little soul care check in. To ask yourself how you are doing. To feel and heal and explore your creativity. To get some extra rest. To have a personal adventure. To have some fun.

Seeking some inspiration for your Sunday?

Today my best advice is to:

A) Get out for a walk.

B) Take an extra rest (ideally after the walk).

C) Increase your water intake and boost with electrolytes. They help your cells process the increased solar activity we are feeling.


This past 7 days have brought with them the Mars-Venus conjunction. We have also had a very active sunspot group on the far side of the sun. Solar age 25 is progressing. (Remember in my solstice broadcast I said this was going to be a major season of growth? These precise factors are contributing to that playing out.)

Have you felt like the sun feels more bright and powerful? Have you been having any issues with digestion, constipation, or feeling nausea? Those are all signs that you are experiencing this solar activity. The solar activity is stimulating the tissue in our guts that is part of the system that our soul communicates to us through. Although uncomfortable, this is a good thing.

It is intense for the soul and the body.

For this reason, I recommend giving yourself the greatest gifts which are: a) exposure to the natural healing and grounding powers of the planet by getting outside; b) giving yourself extra space to process through rest; and c) preparing for what is next.

Recommended materials

Seeking some relax inspiration? Check out some of the back installments of Crow Medicine podcast. You are able to find them all here:

Not able to get outside? I recorded a podcast park adventure:

This powerful solar energy is like building blocks. Work with forming intentions to create your ideal reality:

Self improvement Tools for Those Seeking More Depth

1) My learning program Soul Compass goes in depth on the body/soul relationship, how to heal it, and thus, hear your soul. By virtue of the way I designed my method, it helps you raise your vibration, heal your soul, and create the space within your body to feel powerful, secure, and strong. Click here to read more about it and to access it now:

2) Black Oxygen Organics fulvic acid powder. My family is thriving on this product. The electrolyte balancing and nutritional enhancement that this powder provides has allowed us to significantly improve our capacity to ground this energy. The product is helping me end a huge nutritional deficiency that came from long term gut issues related to ibs, soul travel, and stress. My husband is selling this product and so if you feel inspired to try it out, why not throw us a bone while you do it? Click this link to go to the company website where there is a load of information. I recommend checking out the ‘science’ tab. If you purchase through this link we get a little commission!

*Please note we only recommend the powder product. The tablet has orange oil that we cannot trace its source or purity range. You also get way more bang for your buck this way.*

More from me soon!

Big love and happy Sunday!


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