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Hello friends and readers to the Crow Medicine blog!

Ever find yourself looking for ongoing updates and encouragement that are easy to engage with and fun? Or how about wondering more about what my adventures of taking care of the planet look like?

Good news. I got you on both!

Spirituality for the 21st Century comes in many forms. Including Instagram! I love the story function because it has cute graphics, gives us the space to tell stories through image and with sound!

Check out my new Instagram profile,  @crowmedicinekatie. You will find some unique music and sound Infused energy updates, ongoing encouragement, and pics from our amazing planet.  Click here for a special story about Mars, Mercury, and Venus:

Having crazy communication issues? Feeling that huge karmic release? Finding yourself all of a sudden seeing something once so confusing with all kinds of clarity? All of the above?

Good news. You are experiencing the energy of transition that is being ushered in by our planet friends.

Want to know more?

I am doing fun things with updates and images in my Instagram feed! Check out my story to hear about Mercury, Venus, and Mars’ incredible power this month.

Woot woot. Season of massive expansion in full effect. More to come!

Click this link for a 2 minute update told in pics in my story!

Gone by the time you got there? No worries! Click ‘follow’. There will be more. This is my ‘new’ account specifically for this new phase of creation. Fresh content coming!



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