Images from my July Caretaking and Ceremony Journey.

My favourite seats are always on the ground.

A collection of simple images recorded on a pilgrimage and Ceremony Journey.

Rocks, trees, and waterways are ever present in my images because it is they who hold the space of land.

This journey included a twister taking out a load of trees on the track ahead of the train (so cool to get to be near that energy safely), mountains, the Big Apple, an ancient waterway, and a dear friend.

Stay tuned for upcoming installments of Crow Medicine for the story! It feels so good to be back on the road. Check out my Instagram @crowmedicinekatie for ongoing pics. I love sharing images in the story function.

Interested in learning how to hear the land like this? It all starts with learning the sound of our own soul and how our senses work. When we learn the art of listening to oursleves, we are then primed to hear and communicate with the Soul of the earth. Soul Compass is a wonderful place to get started on all of this. Click here to read more about the program and to access: It is on sale for 3 more days!

Back to the road with me now for more ceremony. See you soon, Crow Medicine family.

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