Getting to Know Planet Earth

Planet Earth has a personality. You have heard me say this before. Part of the joy of living here is getting to know that personality and forming our own unique relationships with this sacred and majestic being we call home.

What do I mean when I say that the planet has a personality?

Planet Earth has a soul. Earth, like us, has sentience. While that may sound very strange to new readers, this concept of the personality of the planet and its energetic character is not new. Rather, getting to know the planet is one of the most rewarding activities we can ever do. The planet is able to speak to us in emotion, animals, the elements, and through our intuitive senses. Rich conversation comes when we give ourselves the space to hear Earth speak and realize that it listens as well. As I have said in my recent posts: When we hurt, Earth hurts too. Part of the disconnection so many of us feel is that we are not engaging in this special conversation that is our birthright. Healing this relationship is important for us to do.

In fact, getting to know us and moving into a season of re-connection is precisely what the planet would like more of! Hearing the Voice of the Planet is something that EACH of us has the power to do.

Sound difficult? Good news. More than likely, Planet Earth is ALREADY talking to you.

J’aime ma planete. Image recorded by Katie on a caretaking journey in Toulouse, France in 2019. We found this on a park post at a river way that called us to it. I will always remember the kindness of the trees.

Planet Earth Made Us a Playlist

Taking care of the planet and teaching people how to hear it is a unique thread of my creating. One of the main parts of the approach you have come to know me for over the years is working with music as a way to bring people together with the heart and spirit of the planet. Why do I do this? Music is powerful. It brings us out of our heads and into our hearts. It brings us into a meditative state where we are able to move into connection with energy, one another, and the planet in unexpected ways. I also do it because the Planet communicates to me (and likely you as well) through music, too.

As I sat at the base of a tree one day listening to the planet, I asked what the planet wanted the people living here to know. Planet said very loudly,


(and yes, it was in all caps)

This happens to be one of my all time favourite activities. So with that, make a playlist we did. I recorded a podcast celebrating this special message about getting to know the planet and sharing special stories about who this planet is and how we may like to begin thinking about it, too.

Messages of Love from the Planet

Hearing the messages of the planet is part of my role as a caretaker. My ability to communicate the heart of the earth clearly is one of the reasons that so many of you come to learn from me. When I tuned into the heart of the Earth to form the ceremony that became the basis of this broadcast, the love I felt was powerful, clear, and strong.

The message for this special project:

We matter. Our lives our sacred. We are not alone. Most importantly, the Planet reminds us of the healing medicine and sacred communication that is our birthright. It reminds us of how much we are loved. 

Crow Medicine with Katie: Messages of Love from Planet Earth tells the story of Planet Earth and this simple wish. Bonus? The story of the planet is interspersed with some of the very music that planet inspired in me for you itself, including: DJ Shub, Folamour, Digable Planets, Chris Malinchak, Hector Couto, Sister Sledge, and Daft Punk. The planet invites you to hear them and have some fun. Click here to access the full instalment directly from spotify: .

*If you are new to the music infused Crow Medicine podcasts know that they are available to all with no-fee accounts or premium users. The former gets 30 second clips of the songs because of licensing. The latter gets it all. This is music licensing laws so flow with me! If you do not like my music, even better, you can just click through for the audio bits and skip the songs! All that is accessible to everybody.*

Love This and Ready to Learn More?

Good news. This is my flavour and as always, a huge priority in my creation. Read through blog posts on this site to learn more. There is a ‘planet’ tab that is organized so this topic will be easily accessible to you.

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