Celebrating Solstice: Season of Healing, Reconnection, and Test Driving Who We Have Become

Hello readers and friends! Welcome to another new phase of our journey in growth. Thank you for being here. This post contains some information about the power of solstice, the healing cycles that our planet is on, and links to a SWEET little music infused podcast that tells the story of both!

A Season for Healing, Re-Connection, and Growth

Healing our souls, reconnecting with the planet and one another, and really giving ourselves the space to test drive who we have become are the themes, this season.

The theme of the season we entered with the passage of the eclipse is simple: We, the people of earth have been through a lot. Giving ourselves the space, time, and freedom to engage in a deep conversation with ourselves and our souls IS exactly what the Earth would like to see us do. As part of it, the planet would love for us to get outside and reconnect with nature, too.

Why do we require healing?

The past year+ has brought with it what is nothing short of a shake-up. As we went through March 2020-May 2021 we had a global shut down and lockdown scenario that led many met their deepest fears: Poverty, losing jobs, having friends and family cross without being able to see, say goodbye to, or properly mourn them. We spent months by ourselves, in our homes. We were separated from the physical experience of friends, family, and spaces of worship. We gave extra care (or did not get it), we taught school, we changed our jobs. It was a lot!

 Even with the inner knowing that everything was going to be ok. That was rough.

 No matter who we are or where we fit into this process, we all lived this. That means we require the space to heal.  Recognizing that we require gentleness, a little extra love and self-care is part of holding ourselves in the safety that creates the space to heal. Our inner children require a little bit of play time. The planet missed us. The great news? Healing ourselves and playing with the planet go hand in hand.

We are healing our souls. Our bodies. Our hearts. We are also healing our relationship to the planet.

Celebrating Solstice: A Music Infused Podcast Highlighting Reconnection, Healing, and Positive Growth

Love this message and interested in hearing more?

Great news. This post is a summary and and introduction! One of the projects I work on is a multi-media podcast called ‘Crow Medicine’. Sometimes, it includes music! For me, celebration, healing, and ceremony go hand in hand with music. In my sacred practice, there is almost always a soundtrack. Delivering this solstice message with music felt authentic. It also felt like an opportunity to have some fun.

Click here to access ‘Crow Medicine: *Solstice Special* Season of Reconnection, Celebration, and Growth: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3dDtCe206pvUenhTJgAX63?si=lQ3oJxFpQLKg52qo5be0lw&dl_branch=1.

. *Note that the full broadcast with full songs is available through spotify prime. Not a member? No problem! You can listen through ‘anchor’ (here) OR by creating a no-fee account on spotify and clicking in. For the full song experience in this option you will have to manually enter their names into a player like youtube and listen there! You get the exact same experience as a listener by pressing ‘pause’ on the voice and doing the music this way. Heck, you can even add your own and make it more personal to your tastes!)

I recorded a companion podcast about creating a season of growth that goes along with this broadcast. It is a voice-cast and is open without the login business and no music. Head there if that is more your style (or as well): Supercharging YOUR Season of Personal Growth (and How to Begin Right Now)! – Crow Medicine (crow-medicine.com)

Blog visitor bonus info: I am about to start live voicecasting through the new spotify platform ‘Greenroom’ (I will be there as @katieindicrow.) I am currently ready to get started on clubhouse as @IndiCrow. Follow my profile to get notified when I go live!

A Word on How the Earth Healing Process Occurs and Where the Information from this Report Came From

Generally speaking, the earth operates according to a healing and flow pattern. This is quarterly. Spring and Fall Equinox as well as Winter and Summer Solstice are the main gateposts through which we pass. During these seasons, the planet and Its people are presented with specific threads of energy that are held by the bodies through which we pass. We ‘work’ on them, thus resolving any imbalances within ourselves and healing any wounding we may have occurred so that we are able to live in health, peace, and feelings of safety.  On a personal level, this created the space for routine points of introspection. It also created the space for an ongoing recognition of the importance of personal healing to the overall health of the community and planet. On a planetary level, these moments of tuning are important in that they are part of how the earth remains within its place in the universe.

Sound far-fetched?

Joining together in ceremony and personal healing is part of what humans do. This is cross cultural. Evidence of these gatherings are found in sacred sites, texts, and ongoing cultural practice that exists throughout both time and across great geographic space. They are all around us. Even in what we consider to be urban environments. I have personally visited sites and calibrated sites aligned to these special windows in: Alberta (Canada), British Columbia (Canada), Boyne Valley (Ireland), Paris (France), London (England), New York (USA), and Massachusetts (USA) to name a few. I have studied hundreds more.* These sites exist as part of the energetic structure of this planet and how it plugs into this Universe. For humans, connecting into these sites for personal soul support as well as in gratitude to the planet and our home, this Universe, has been a part of what we do. It continues to be. Taking care of this structure is my main planetary responsibility. When I talk about ‘taking care of the planet’, this is precisely what I mean I am doing.

The main reason that I share updates like these is so that people seeking information on incoming astrological alignments to support their personal development aka ‘get into the flow’ are able to AS WELL as to introduce new readers to these concepts. When we know what is occurring and feel comfortable with it, we are more likely to see the healing or reality stream adjustment potential of every moment. Stay tuned for more! Be sure to come back every Equinox and Solstice for more!

Thanks for stopping in!

In tidings of peace and happiness,

Katie D.

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