Supercharging YOUR Season of Personal Growth (and How to Begin Right Now)!

Feel like you are just surviving and not thriving? When was the last time you gave yourself the dedicated focus to heal emotional wounds and look over what happened the last quarter (in your soul and life, not just financially)? Getting into the habit of ongoing self-discovery and working with the natural healing cycle of the planet helps us get from ooof to oooomph!

This written blog post and the podcast that accompanies it takes us through a conversation about the natural cycles of healing that happen on our planet, how to tune into them, and why doing so helps us keep our heads above water and our hearts light.

You Can Do This!

What is a season of growth?: A dedicated phase where we focus on our personal growth. This includes identifying our objectives, setting intentions, and seeing it through. The planet moves through its own healing cycle. As people living here, we do too.

When do we begin?: The signposts of Equinox and Solstice are great ones to work with as a way to conceptualize your own cycles of healing. (I explain more about this in the podcast linked below.)

How do we tune in to these cycles?

Click here to listen to a podcast where I talk about the healing cycles of the planet and take us through each of the steps listed below in detail. The embedded player gives a preview if you press it once. Pressing twice brings you to the full program (it is open access). Not a Spotify person? Find me on pocketcasts, Google podcast, and anchor:

Crow Medicine with Katie IndiCrow. Creating a Season of Personal Growth (and How to Start Yours)


  • Get in the habit of setting intentions to guide your process.
  • Be ready to do something (or many things) differently.
  • Getting in touch with your inner-child and taking them on many playdates. Playing is healing.
  • Give yourself things that you never received that wounded you to the core. This could be an experience like ‘peace’ or the opportunity to have ‘me’ time. It could also be something like proper footwear or a ‘splurge’. Nurturing our physical and emotional states of wellbeing is important.
  • Setting aside time for intentional soul healing.
  • Treating your body in a way that recognizes it is the ‘home’ for your soul.
  • Give ourselves spaces to receive the gifts, healing, and insight that we require to be successful in our season of growth.

Working with these basic yet highly effective suggestions WILL bring you to great change and healing. Give yourself the honour of the same focus you put everywhere else and really launch into a season of growth.

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Please Remember: These tools and tips are great for ANY MOMENT. There is never a bad time to dedicate to your own personal growth. Aligning with seasons is a supercharger!!


Katie D.

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